Environmental Health & Safety

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The Office of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) is a specialized office within the portfolio of the Vice-President, Human Resources & Equity.

The mission of EHS is to ensure that an environmentally responsible, safe and healthy work, research and study environment exists at the University of Toronto.

EHS works to proactively identify risks and emerging issues and to develop and implement innovative, practical and sustainable processes to manage them including training and awareness, provision of expert advice, emergency response and assurance.

EHS subject matter experts work in six broad areas: occupational hygiene and safety, chemical safety, radiation safety, biosafety, hazardous waste and environmental protection. Through close collaboration with all members of the University community we establish and maintain health and safety systems that meet the requirements of all applicable regulations and maintain a high level of safety without limiting or impeding academic freedom or freedom of research.

EHS has five strategic objectives:

1. To be a centre of excellence.
2. To partner with research.
3. To partner with the University community.
4. Assurance of compliance.
5. To maintain the capacity to identify and address the University's risks and hazards.