Website Redesign


If you have redesign inquiries, comments, technical issues, or require edits to the site, please contact:

Karen Augustine
Web Communications

What’s been happening with this project?

March–June 2017 — First stage of content auditing

Benefits binders prepped for content auditing

From March through June, we dove into stage one of the content auditing process.

Focusing on the departments with the most challenging and / or specialized content, our initial first step was to take an inventory of what is currently on the site and then to assess that content’s value.


  • To provide clarity on who each page is for and what we want to relay to them
  • To understand what special functionality some sections may need
  • To use this information to influence the creation of new site templates
  • To provide a rough sitemap outline for each team as they revise and create new content

The following teams participated in the first stage of the content auditing process:

  • AODA Office
  • Benefits (including ESS, Pension, Retirement)
  • Compensation
  • HRIS
  • Immigration
  • Labour Relations
  • Payroll
  • Strategic Recruitment (Careers, UTemp)

What’s happening next?

July 2017 —  Usability testing

Presently, we are prepping for the first stage of usability testing so that we can see first-hand how visitors use our site. We will be doing this with a small, diverse group of site users so that we are able to gauge a more realistic and all encompassing understanding of our average visitors.

Usability testing will help us evaluate how users experience our site and improve their ability to access the information they need.

  • Content assessments helped us to better understand how the information on our site should be organized, revised and rewritten
  • Feedback sessions gave us a better understanding of how this site is being used by HR staff